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To me, John is a spirit who lives with me each day, and he holds my hand and teaches me how to live in peace and be a better person. He guides me to love nature, the environment, myself and my fellow human being. Through his brilliant mind, I've learned what kind of person I want to be, and to me he is the true meaning of an artist. He will never fade as being my all-time favorite song writer and musician.

Laura Coteff:) Love is real //00\\ [email protected]

Dear Mark,

I am emailing you from Australia. By chance last night I stumbled onto your web page whilst scanning the net for John Lennon sites and Beatle sites. I am a 43 year old male professional, reading your material, and of course with the words to the greatest song, poet, group of words or however you like to term Imagine; (I'm trying to say there has never been, and will never be a message for humanity like the simple, almost casual, essentially Lennon Imagine), well you reduced me to tears. Playing the song reduced me to a crying baby, and I am not ashamed of it. John is my idol, his genius, his fight for peace, his humor and his immeasurable genius.

In Australia we got the news of his passing late PM. At 5.00am next morning an enormous video screen had been erected in our city square, they say 1/2 million people were there at 6.00am. I will always recall that morning, I was there at 4.30am, from 5.00am video and audio snippets of John were played. Imagine was first, the tears flowed. But for me the next song played was 'Oh my love' - I sobbed like a baby, along with 499,999 others. Oh my love remains in my heart, like Imagine, so simple but it stirred emotion like I've not seen, or felt, before.

What we had taken from us was a few decades of the music of the greatest, most influential composer of all time not just the 20th century. He changed the course of humanity supported by Ringo, Paul, and the vastly underrated George. (I have just purchased the digital version of All Things Must Pass - do yourself a favor, it is easily in the best 2 or 3 post Beatle albums, I just wish he could have had The Beatles record it with him, with Paul and John's contributions it would have been fantastic).

I often wonder what John's music would have been like in the past 20 years. We also had wrenched from us the one person who, emerging from home duties, could have profoundly changed the course of humanity. Politicians can't, industry leaders can't, individuals can't, other musicians can't (although Paul and George produced work that pales only in the light of the master, I'd include John Denver also) John was John, this is my story both humble and true, take it to pieces and mend it with glue " (From WONSAPONATIME). The world needed John to be the glue, and I think, he may well have had, in time, 3 old friends to help. Why John was taken from us I will never ever understand, but I feel very, very, bitter. It may be where ever we all go after death that our best work is done. I sure hope John's in charge of the band.

Thank you for doing this noble deed, John will be smiling at you, probably downplaying his genius as he used to do when he and Paul locked horns over issues; he would push his glasses to the end of his nose, look at Paul and say "it's only me here" - disagreement resolved. Well it's only me here in Australia, but if I can help in any way let me know, I'll be getting some signatures. We will make it happen!

War Is Over, Give Peace A Chance

All You Need Is Love

Chris Mannix

Melbourne, Australia [email protected]

Thank you so much Mark

The Saddest Day Of My Life

I recently found your web page and have enjoyed it very much. Very informative. I have added my name to the petition and have printed out some. I will attempt to get some signatures to add to your very good cause.

In my town (Columbus, Georgia) the local radio station barley mentions John Lennon on his birthday, but always does at his death. I contact them every year and scold them that the day he should be remembered is October 9, his birthday. December 8 is a sad day.

But this is not the reason I am writing to you. Like yourself, I also was at the Dakota after John was assassinated (I say assassinated because I don't believe that Chapman was a lone killer - See Fenton Bressler's book Who Killed John Lennon). However, I went to NYC on December 9 at 9:00 am. I have never experienced nor do I expect to experience anything like it. It remains the saddest day of my life. I was only able to withstand being there for a few hours. I was overwhelmed with grief. I should point out that at the time I lived in New Jersey (30 miles from NYC) and remained until only recently. I have never been to a single part of New York City that was as quiet as it was by the Dakota. I was both amazed and stunned. Amazed at the silence (NYC is never quiet), all you could hear was Beatles and John playing on the occasional radio. Never have I seen so many so grief stricken. I was stunned by the overwhelming grief. It poured out of everyone's soul. You could feel the love pouring from everyone there was no hate for his killer, just love for John. The anguish I felt and still feel is unexplainable. December 8, 1980 has changed my life, it can never be the same.

I morn for the loss of John Lennon to this day, but celebrate his life and the joy he has given us every day.

I apologize for subjecting you to my email, but I have never been able to express even the smallest part of my visit to the Dakota on December 9, 1980 because I have never known anyone else who has been there. To have been there is to know. To have only seen it on TV is to understand, but cannot be known.

May the memory of John Lennon last forever.


Dear Mark

Day For Peace And Love

I believe this is a great and tremendous thing to do. ALL WE NEED IS LOVE! once rang throughout the universe, let's keep it ringing. Although I was only 3 or 4 when I heard my first Beatles song (Hey Jude) riding in my mom's '69 Firebird, it influenced me greatly. I not only heard the music I felt it, even at that young of an age, and that makes a big difference when it's felt from the heart and soul and not just heard with the ears. I completely and totally admire all four guys (past, present and future) as a group and as individuals. At the age of 13 when most of my friends were listening to disco and The Bee Gees, I was listening to songs of Peace and Love and Revolutions. I had a tendency to be a lot more liberal and the courage to be different. (Still do.) I stayed out of school the next day after John Lennon's death and mourned not only Yoko's loss but for the loss of the world he tried so hard to make better for us. He is still here, albeit in spirit, to edge us on. To make a dream come true for John and the rest of the dreamers in this world is to make it reality. I will do my best to help with the signing of the petition.



[email protected]

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